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cup syndrome cancer survivor my bicarbonate of soda (Natriumhydrogencarbonat), Cannabis extract, Curmin, B17, high Vit C experience

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updated 31 st March 2015

                                            2 x neck dissection to remove cancer metastasis
                                                         December 07 and January 08.
Painful side effects from damage done from the operations. I refused chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and i refused a radical both sided neck dissection.
During the first operation my two front teeth were smashed out.
The second operation they removed my tonsils and a cancer metastasis,
I have had major nerve problems due to damaged nerves , and the tonsillektomie has later had a terrible effect on my throat, causing a half paralyzed throat which has partly collapsed at the back.
The nerve damage in the neck caused atrophy of the muscles in the left shoulder, which was extremely painful. None of these effects were taken seriously by my specialists....Why ? because they had already left me for dead as soon as i refused their BIG PHARMA treatment.

17.December 07



                                      October 2012 still on stage throughout the whole ordeal

 If you have landed here, it's quite possible you have had to do exactly that what i was told to do. Maybe you have just received the diagnosis ' you have got cancer ' cup syndrome', go home and google it for more information. You have between 1 - 9 months to live , we will begin with chemotherapy and radiation.

Take a deep breath and step back before you make any impulsive decisions.
I have to admit that all of the people i had contact with on various cancer forums have passed over.
Everyone had followed their doctors orders. By some miracle i am still alive, 5 years 6 months and counting. Find peace within yourself and listen to your inner voice...which is easily said when chaos rains all around you. Family, loved ones , Doctors. Everyone wants you to survive and points you to the normal way of treatment (The doctors know what they're doing :-) ).

I am finally putting pen to paper ( well almost ) to attempt to describe some of my experiences as of this moment in January 3rd 2013. It has become imperative that i learn the true meaning of being in the moment, and the meditation techniques that help me come back only to the breath. A way of slowly bringing the flood of thoughts, emotions , fears , nightmares or screaming demonic voices that tell you,  you're gonna die, to a halt .

December 10th 2007, i was dead, and had taken a walk with my dear dog Tyler, along a tunnel.
Yes i'd taken the steps up from the operating table and away from my body, to be greeted by Tyler with a lick of my hand. It was obvious we were going for a long awaited reunion stroll together and i felt completely relaxed and at home with the idea.The men and women dressed in green gowns and face masks weren't gonna stop us. So off we went , i had really missed him for the last couple of years since Diana and i had taken him to be put to sleep.There were a couple of unusual things that i noticed and i asked Tyler why he wasn't pissing everywhere, he was in my head and heart and i was in his. Pure communication between a man and his best companion, and Tylers answere was that he had no need of physical body functions where he is. Pretty smart for a dog.
Most people have heard of a light at the end of a tunnel, and that's where we were heading in a peaceful state of consciousness. My arms and heart wide open as i approached what seemed to be the skin of a big drum with light shinning through from behind it. It seemed like a great skin that was protecting the entrance. I tried everything to get in and was aware that this was IT. The point of no return and i was ecstatic unafraid and more than willing to be able to leave the trials and tribulations of a life in a physical body that i can only describe as turbulent.
 I realized how easy it is to say 'i am not afraid to die'.. but when you are there , and you have really let go of everything that was so important during your stay , and  this big voice comes out of nowhere to say ' you have to go back to this life , it is not your time yet, you are not on the list'. I felt incredibly sad , i pleaded with them to let me in, that i was ready. The voice told the dog , that he wasn't supposed to bring me there and he should show me the way back. We walked slowly back and i was brought back to my body on the operating table with a mighty jolt. I can remember the inner screams of no no no i want to go , why do i have to come back.
Something big had happened to me.

I returned to be told 2 days later that i have a very aggressive type of cancer ' Cup syndrome' Carcinoma with unknown primary tumor,which will kill me within 1-9 months if i don't have Chemotherapy and radiation plus a radical neck dissection.In January 2008 i had a second operation to remove a second lymph node in the neck , i let them remove my tonsils because they refused to do the second operation my way if they didn't get them on the plate too. Needless to say i refused chemo and radiation therapy along with all BIG PHARMA bullshit. I have had more than 15 biopsies taken, and not one showed cancer...Which is why i refused further ones. 13 CT's  which are radioactive.8 MRI's which are more accurate and far less damaging.

Prognostic and predictive factors

Median survival in CUP patients enrolled in clinical studies ranges from 6 to 10 months, but in an unselected CUP population outside a clinical trial, life expectancy is only 2-3 months .
 The prognostic and predictive factors examined in two available studies include age, gender, performance status, weight loss, histopathology, tumour burden, tumour location, number of metastatic sites and serum markers. The factors characterized as significant were certain histopathological sub-sets (poorly differentiated carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, neuroendocrine carcinoma), number of metastatic lesions. 

This happened five and a half years ago, and i am still alive. A little worn down because of the countless experiences that come along with such events in ones life. But its not my intention to go too deeply into the whole story right here. My idea is just to give a little background and to let people know how my therapy using Bicarbonate of soda (Natron) and Molasses affected me. I found out about the benefits of using Natron on the web,  although there is not much info .

Today's date Monday 6th May 2013 , i have just come back to read this blog and have noticed i began to write on January 3rd 2013. At this time i was going towards the end of my new therapy using 'Bicarbonate of soda (Natron) and black organic Molasses'.My new therapy, because over the last 5 years i have used a combination of natural remedies (Medicinal Mushrooms ie.Corriolus versicolor and Chaga extract) to combat the tumor spread in my neck and generally improve my immune system, but since November 2012 and the MRI result showing spread to neck, throat and base of the tongue, i began with Bicarbonate of soda. One T spoon dissolved in a cup of tepid water and add 2 T spoons of Molasse.Drink :-) From the third day i raised the dosage and took the mixture 2x a day. To test the urine for the PH i bought PH strips with a color chart up to 9. After drinking, my PH levels went up to 8.I kept it at 8 for 6 days and then stopped. According to my information cancer survives only in an acidic environment, that means PH 6.5 and under. By alkalizing your body you change the PH of the cancer tumors and they don't like it. After the 5th day i had a really bad smell and taste. Like rotten meat and onions, it was very unpleasant for me and for the people close to me, but my aim was to get these tumors out of my body. On the 6th January 2013 that is exactly what happened.
I was sitting watching football on my pc, i had a very strong feeling, a sense that something big was about to happen.I wrote on my face book wall, maybe its time to hang up my rock n roll shoes if a miracle doesn't happen...A heavy feeling in my solar plexus. Suddenly my mouth was filled with a very warm thick sticky substance...i went to the bathroom and bent over the sink,opened my mouth and let it was blood, it began pumping out of my mouth,thick and warm.As the first real burst hit the sink it made a hissing sound, and it smelt like the ocean.This is where my , lets call them my guardian angels took over the situation, and gave me quite calmly instructions to how i have to react.
First was to secure my breathing to keep my airways clear, not to panic, not to swallow the blood and lean over and let it go in the sink.I saw with my own eyes clusters of white round what i see as tumors covered in mucus and blood go down the pipe. As it quickly became apparent that it was no small deal i had to find a way of getting the attention of my girlfriend who was out in the garden. I waited and timed it just right to go to the balcony and clap my hands like a maniac, she stood in front of me and saw the blood,came running into the apartment. I'm back in the bathroom ,trying to calm the situation down and she called the ambulance. I managed to stay peaceful inside and after around 15 mins the bleeding attack finally stopped.The ambulance arrived and whisked me my girlfriend and my guardian angels off to hospital.The paramedics wanted to lay me down flat on my back, i told them i have to sit in case of a further attack. Next thing i'm confronted with the question ' how much shall we do for you to keep you alive ?' Well i don't like the idea that they puncture my throat, and i'm not up for being put on a life support machine as a vegetable. Not up for Big Pharma either, but i'm not prepared to die at the moment, so many loose ends that i want to tie first. Ok they can put me on a saline solution drip, that's ok. Deee daaaaa Deeeee Daaaaaahhh  blue light and off we go. I've got my EXIT membership pass in my pocket, thats the Swiss organisation that gives me the possibility to commit suicide if that's my wish. No it doesn't sound like a great advert for the Bicarbonate of soda therapy does it ? But there's more to come so don't let it put you off just yet :-). I informed the doctors at the hospital (who all know me) that i'd been taking Natron an ancient Egyptian remedy, and about the PH theory of cancer, and my intention to get the tumors and metastases out of my body.
I spent the night in hospital and the next morning i told the doctors i have to go out and arrange some things while i still have time. So they discharged me. I hadn't had another bleeding attack so i didn't really give it much further thought. I went home and just wanted to arrange everything as well as i could. I didn't want to leave my girlfriend with a pile of my shit to clean up...
Meditation the best way to just be in the moment, and to keep the inner peace, to stay focused on that which must be done. Meditation in action while traveling on the train to Palliative care on the 8th January to visit my new Doc ,he will help me through the stages of pain control and medical controls like blood tests, MRI's I've had too many CT's so i refuse to do them anymore.  I believe i've had 13 CT's and 8 MRI's . My last blood tests were perfect in every sense of the word. Doc was surprised that i was traveling around on public transport and wondered why i had no fear. I had no place for fear , i was on a roll and my next stop in this afternoon was the Buddhist Temple in Gretzenbach Solothurn. My dear place of refuge whenever i needed it over the last years. To sit in the temple and give thanks and open my heart....what better medicine than that.
I highly recommend it , this was where i learned meditation and it feels like home.I arranged all the details of my funeral, chose and paid for the urn for my ashes. Keep it all as simple as possible for all concerned. At this time i've got breath like a dead bears bum...yes this is necrosis , where a tumor dies and begins to decay,you have to have a very good immune system to clean that up ( chemotherapy and radiation wreck your immune system). So what has caused the tumor to die and decay ??? and what has caused the bleeding attack ?
10th January around mid day , at home relaxing, here we go again another bleeding attack.This time much heavier. Same procedure over the sink in the bathroom , in the bath, the room looks like something out of a splatter movie. Phone ambulance let them know its me again, the bleeding stops after around 15 mins...deeeeee daaaaaa deeee daaaaa, I can walk to the ambulance but i'm really shaking, one last look at my cats, my girlfriend, the car park and fields. Will i see my home here again ?, it doesn't look good and i wouldn't bet any money on it. Am i prepared, more or less i suppose i am. Off we go again and this time i'm wheeled directly to the HNO department that know my case. A warm welcome from 2 nurses that had treated me 5 years ago put me in a temporary bed in a side room. Shit i can feel something coming on, so i stand up and go to the toilet myself, oh my pooh looks very strange, just as i've finished cleaning myself i have to get over the sink as another bleeding attack hits me out of nowhere. Pull the alarm cord and push the second button to make sure the nurses run. Blood everywhere , they move me to a less public place to continue , a nurse almost strangles me with a long cloth and they don't know how to handle it. So my guardian angels step into my head , i need crushed ice and calm. I am the only one that knows what to do, and the bleeding stops after 10 - 15 mins. The only problem there is i have already lost a lot of blood.  One doctor explains that i have necrosis and a burst carotid artery with a tumor in it. He gives me the option of an operation to seal the artery which could well hinder the blood flow to and from my brain....NO WAY i refused his treatment. Make an audio file on my iphone my last will and testament.
Back in the room again, another attack over the sink , i am offered a way to stop me suffering, an injection to put me on the otherside of the curtain...After the third time of asking i can answere , i am not suffering, i am bleeding , just let me bleed 10 mins then it will stop. The doctor stands in the doorway with his arms crossed and told me the 10 mins was up...the mantra runs through my head...stop bleeding stop bleeding stop bleeding.the bleeding stopped.
Moved to a room all alone .
Until now no one has checked my airways , coagulated  blood could have easily clogged everything up. My guardians instructed me to put my fingers slowly down the back of my tongue , where i could feel a tiny leather like strip. Thumb and forefinger between the nails i could get it firmly and slowly begin to pull it out of my throat. It was like a sack a floppy leather and it had white lumps like fat in meat. as this hit the sink i asked the nurse if we should capture it and send it to the lab, she said no. The whole mess was pushed down the plug hole. Back in bed i think ,i can't remember how long but again the next bleeding attack and this time i was right on the edge, an inner voice asked me if i was going to continue like this or am i ready to really let go , thoughts move slowly over my girlfriend , if she will be ok , the answere was she will be sad of course but eventually life will go on as it does. I was looking down into the sink , and looking within myself. A tiny golden Buddha appeared around my heart area , the word Buddha came out from my heart and mouth , and i was ready to let go of my life. At this point i am told i collapsed and 4 doctors had to pick me up and get me into a bed. My guardians then said i was being sent back to life again ,that it wasn't over yet and there was still much for me to learn. This is the second time that i was ready to leave my vehicle behind ,the second time sent back. I tried to maintain control over which drugs i was taking and which treatment i should refuse. I had at least 4 doctors 2 specialists and each had a different opinion and some ideas were really horrific . My girlfriend had to endure the wildest theories , Kim will probably die this night, the cancer has eaten away all nerves at the back of his throat . The artery has burst  a tumor was destroyed and there is necrosis. Add to this a loss of blood , and i had refused to have a blood transfusion. The only drips we used over the next 6 days were a bicarbonate solution to keep the veins open and to prevent blood clots , and a vitamin K to protect the veins and arteries and to put a halt to the bleeding which had already stopped by itself. Ok i was in a critical condition and my mum and stepfather flew over from England. They stayed overnight in my hospital room and mum slept next to me for the first time since i was a little kid. During this night she asked me if i was awake , and we could clear some of her thoughts , if i die now she won't be able to stay or return to Switzerland for my funeral. She then described how she intended to do my funeral with family back in England. Cool Mum but i've been sent back again i'm not going to die this time , it was a very comforting feeling to have her there. I only took half of the tablets they put on the table for me and i was still totally out of it, but i knew from experience the clearer my mind the better my immune system will work, boy did i need it to work. At times like these you find out very quickly who your real friends are , they really helped to pull me back into this dimension again by showing me so much love :-). Yeah positive vibes are important too , the doctors are busy enough hammering you with their negative ways of thinking filling the patient full of fear. During this period it became increasingly difficult for me to swallow , even drinking a glass of water was dangerous. Half of my throat had collapsed and was partly paralyzed  due to damage caused 5 years ago in the tonsillectomy.
The damage is to the nerves of the throat and tongue causing polyneuropathy.
                              pic taken 26th July 2013 but its been like this more than a year,
                                                    the back of my throat half collapsed
                                                                palatopharyngeal arch

                                                    part of bleeding attack Jan 6th 2013

                                                     My Swiss Red Cross /
                                                         emergency telephone system.


                                                                   August 14th 2013

16th January i am still alive and can leave the hospital much to the amazement of all concerned :-). Not in brilliant shape though, iron , blood and vitamins , a lot of life force sucked away, and half addicted to Tamesta a tranquilizer ( i stopped using it after 2 days at home).
As far as the doctors said ' i was going home to die'. So fucking positive these doctors.
I will skip the following  2 months at home recovering, and move on to my first visit to Palliative care at the end of March 2013. Doctors examination , tumor in the artery is gone , the artery healed itself perfectly , tumor in the tongue reduced in size. Necrosis is gone. Blood is almost back to normal , still not quite enough but healthy. My Morphine (which i tried once and then refused to use it until i have no other choice) can remain in the fridge because the pain can be taken care of with less powerful painkillers.

8th May 2013, over the last weeks i have begun using Bicarbonate again....this time i have taken some important precautions.

Barley grass (organic ) 1 teaspoon in water and a little vegetable juice. This builds up natural Vit K to protect your veins. 1 x a day

Spirulina  (organic ) 2 x a day

Top Vital vitamin capsule from Burgerstein 1x a day

2 hours before or after a meal
1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a cup of tepid water, add 2 teaspoons of Molasses (organic)
Drink it :-)
After 3rd - 7th day you can repeat this morning and evening .
always test your urine PH. You want it to go to 7.5 - 8 (my urine goes to 8 after the first shot :-)
Trust your feelings , if you feel like shit , do it once a day or take a break.
Drink as much water as you can.
Eat and drink green and organic. Cut down processed sugar, cut down on red meat.

Today  26th May i have added Magnesium chloride to my protocol.
Magnesium bicarbonate is not only the Ultimate Mitochondrial Cocktail it is also the wonder drug
combination for diabetes, cancer, heart disease as well as kidney dysfunction. When one takes both
magnesium chloride and sodium bicarbonate the effects and force of one reinforces that actions and
medicinal power of the other. (Dr.Sircus). I have Magnesium chloride in its pure form , and i am making a small water based spray which i can spray under my tongue and in the surrounding is better without alcohol because of its harsh effects .
Update 29th May, wow its unbelievable, this morning i felt something loose and hard inside the base of my tongue. it moved its way gradually out to the surface under the tongue...5 mm metastase removed without bleeding own protocol is working for me :-)Thanks to Dr Sircus and Simoncini for their amazing information and putting patients first..

20th June 2013, i am enjoying the sunshine as much as possible :-) 

5th July 2013, it seems many people are dying of cancer ( or rather from the Chemotherapy and other treatments ). It feels strange to observe this going on around me. 

13th July 2013, i have added a new product to my therapy in order to keep my PH balanced. Its called  Basic (alkaline) mineral compound,  (Basen-Mineral-Mischung). I have used it everyday for the last week and have very positive feelings about it. It contains Natron as a main ingredient. It keeps my urine PH at 7.8, also raises the PH in the mouth.This product comes from Austria ,and you can find the information in English and German.

30th July , i'm beginning Vernons protocol plus Magnesium chloride transdermal spray also in the mouth, again as the metastasis in my tongue and throat need some more treatment. It has been an extremely powerful spiritual experience lately. Meditation has brought me to far places within myself, where all answeres to the mystery of life can be found.

1st August 2013, 3rd day and my urine PH has been between 7.5 - 8 since the first day. Taking in lots of sunshine too.
4th August 2013 day 6 of my Natron (Natriumhydrogencarbonat) therapy...Urine PH was still at 8 before i went to bed last night, so i didn't take another dose.5th Aug This morning i've had a BIG headache and my urine PH is back at 7.5. Seeing as my Ph goes straight up from the first dose and i don't need 2 or 3 days to get it there, i'm going to take a break today.There are reactions in the lymph nodes under the jaw, on the side of my neck , in my throat and tongue.Due to my last experience i learned that the natron continues to work as though its been stored up and salty taste begins to seep through the salivary glands which is cleansing. in the evening everything ok so i done another dose which brought Ph back up to 8.
7th August, 7 days of Natron is over and i am still in one piece :-) now it usually unfolds its true power when i stop... so today i have taken my Chaga mushroom extract . 
8th August , the Chaga mushroom is the most powerful of the mushrooms i've taken. I took 2 x 300mgs yesterday afternoon and it hit my throat really hard during the night. I sprayed with Magnesium chloride which helped to soothe somewhat. it kicks the immune system in full power.
2x 300mgs Chaga mushroom extract, Magnesium chloride oil ,i think i will make a video of everything.
12th August , i've had a few bad days and nights, now its up to some painkillers to see what happens.
13th August , natron + molasses + magnesium chloride oil spray. PH 7.5
14th August PH 8. I went to the dentist for an x-ray, jaw bone ok sinuses all clear, quite ok really, as always i was prepared for a nasty shock.
15th August PH 8. really bad sleep with death as main feature in my head.Bad taste in my mouth.
16th August continued, Ph8. Bad sleep with many emotional pictures goin' through my head still.
17th  August PH 8 , i've forgotten to mention that due to the super sunny weather i go to the river every day to swim :-)  ...
Another bad night with little sleep but not sooooo many horrible thoughts lol it looks like i've run out of them .
18th August, now its tank up my body with vitamins, magnesium , spirulina , banana shake, and stop the Natron for a while. Had to change painkillers again, now i'm doing paracetamolum.
Ph at 7.5 this morning.
21st August - i should maybe add that i am very lucky to be able to go to Palliative care at Olten Hospital. This is where real care begins , the Doctors have time for their patients and family members, all aspects of cancer are taken in. Including pain control , and anything i wish to discuss. ok i'm not the easiest of patients as many of my views are not the standard medical treatment. But i am allowed my point of view and i feel totally respected. So to all of the nurses and Doctors that stand by me a BIG THANKYOU :-).

27th August 2013 As you can see by the pic of my throat and tongue there are some big complications. I realise that my only way is through the power of self healing. My guides have finally led me to Grigori Grabovoi  and my progress will be documented.
4th Sept i'm having some great success with the use of Grigori's system especially with polyneuropathie and my addiction to painkillers which i have stopped taking over the last 5 days,more about this later.
 I will be adding Lugol's solution  iodine to my diet in the future.
6th September- 1 drop Lugol's solution  in a glass of orange juice lol it was a BIG drop.I recommend to take this before 2pm otherwise you may not get any sleep :-).
7th September- 1 drop Lugol's solution , magnesium chloride transdermal.
8th September -day off.
9th September - 5 drops Lugol's solution, magnesium chloride transdermal. Vitamins.
10th September - this lump came out of the side of my tongue in the evening.
14th September- depression, sleepless nights and symptoms like swollen lymph nodes and phantom pains in the tongue.Here are a few nerves and muscles that have been damaged.
Vagus nerve , nerve accessorious  , nerve glossopharyngeus , nerve hypoglossus , nerve trigenminus. ,  Musculus genioglossus (talking,chewing, swallowing.)
palatoglossal muscle (stretches the tongue),palatopharyngeal arch


16th September- i'm taking my Basic (alkaline) mineral compound (contains magnesium, calcium,callium and natron)with a half a teaspoon of Natron added. A glass of fruit juice with 2 drops of Lugol's solution. First thing in the morning and last before bed. Just don't add the Lugol before going to bed.I found some useful exercises on the web to strengthen and stretch the tongue muscles which i hope will then regenerate all tissue and nerves.I'm working with the system from Grigori Grabovoi concentration using numbers and vibrations to regenerate all cells in my body.This system has helped me activate my memory, concentration , i use it as speech therapy and is a great healing bath.
17th September - another restless night on the edge . But this morning i still feel positive and see some improvements in my tongue.
27th Sept - i stopped taking painkillers again 5 days ago, this time it has worked and i am no longer addicted to the shit...A BIG Success :-). The best is i am not in any pain at the moment ! The swollen lymph nodes are slowly reducing in size.
8th October - after ups and downs i have had to start taking painkillers again.

                                               my home made medicine cannabis extract

                                              coconut oil infused with medicinal cannabis


26th October- i have discussed the present situation with my Doctor at Palliative care and he has recommended that i change to Cannabinoids, which has already helped me back to a deeper sleep, more relaxed less pain.
31st October, I am taking in the cannabinoids using extract (like Rick Simpson) and in a peanut oil which is very good to soften tissue in the oral cavity, relieve neuropathic pain and help with the sleeplessness.
17th November, on my 3rd batch of cannabis extract, i only make small amounts at a time. I am in alot of pain during eating at the moment ( due to trigeminus nerve damage)so i have been prescribed liquid food to boost my protein vitamins and fibre intake. As always there have been some positive things too.
22nd November :-)
27th November- i have increased the dose of RSO , improvement in the spasms in the throat. Improvement in neuropathy in the tongue. Improvement in burning tongue syndrome.Improvement in swallowing. More relaxed and stable.The lymph nodes under the jaw have reduced in size.I am still on liquids and puree food.
13th December - 6 years since the diagnosis.....6 years survival !!!
20th December - i can eat a little better one meal a day everything cut small (but solid :-) . I have made my first coconut oil infused with medicinal cannabis, i have prepared it for more pain relief and to help me sleep. It helps with the pain but it doesn't last the whole night so i will have to work a little more on the preparation times. Some of the hard metastasis in the gum has reduced and gone soft. The tumors in my tongue have also reduced in size but are still big, but its led to it becoming more flexible.
24th December, 60 days of ingesting cannabis extract so far and its going well.
Everyone is ready for the Christmas eating period and i can't eat without incredible pain in the face and liquid food shakes comes in different flavors but its not the same. I will try and eat my xmas pudding though :-).
13th January 2014 - new top quality medicine, can now stop with painkillers during the night and sleep.
24th January-  i woke up to the smell of necrosis, which means apoptosis somewhere. I have problems opening my mouth , my jaw seems to be blocking.
27th January, over the past 3 days i have managed to eat at least 1 cooked meal a day. Its all puree but it goes down easy without pain :-). I hope i can put on some weight again. Everything seems to be working, my digestion and toilet regular.
29th January - went on a visit to Olten Hospital Palliative Care to see my doctor for a quick examination on whats going on.
8th February - interesting developments and improvements . The last few days i have managed to eat a little more every day :-). Now i've got to put on some weight.
15th Feb -  wow at last some news, the big tumor in the tongue  has changed in shape reduced in size ( 3.5cm) and has become softer. The structure in the mouth has got thinner at the base of it. :-). I have done a detox using my basic mineral mix including natron (Natriumhydrogencarbonat). I spent much of yesterday asleep because the new oil that i have made is very strong indeed.
16th Feb - i'm still having problems with eating. Broth is the way today :-). The big tumor is softer and its heads (little pearls) are being more exposed in between layers under the tongue. Which means direct contact with the oil .Every time i take my oil i fall asleep, which is in itself healing. I can feel the effect on my neck, throat , tongue as it works. 114 days on oil so far.
24th Feb 2014-  it seems there's some progress :-) my tongue is much flatter and the tumor is still doing a shape change thing :-). Swallowing is becoming a little less dangerous and easier. Yesterday i was fed like a stuffed goose, slowly a bit more food every day.
I have added a new tool to my weapons against oral part of my cancer, its a vaporizer Ascent from Da Vinci  davincivaporizer with this little babe i have turned my bad smoking habit to a real healthy boon :-).
3rd March - i had a one day break from oil to see how it feels, apart from not having the effects of taking it there are absolutely no side effects, no sweating , no withdrawal symptoms at all. After 3 days of Tramadol or Morphine i had terrible symptoms after.....
At 5 am i took some detox Basis mineral mix with a little extra Natron...At 15.10 i have had a small bleeding attack and a couple of small things went down the sink along with some fresh blood and yellow colored mucus. Sitting very still hoping it will stop now....But i'm ok and haven't lost my nerves :-)
5th March - wow that was close....after the episode i lost my voice....horror.....never be heard again??? so many things to say....but today 2 days later my voice is coming back.
13th March, got only one thing on my mind ' Cannabis Kills Cancer'.The tumor in my tongue is shrinking but causing extremely bad taste and smell...But big improvements in sense of taste, thank od for that eh ..i still can't eat solids,
6th April , on the 20th March i went to Hospital for a CT, i returned a week later to get the results but only to find the final report not done. My doctor gave me a run down of what he had heard so far from radiology , but for such a serious thing i expect a serious response.....but in my doctors words they can only continue to offer me chemo or radiation. He did tell me the tumor in the tongue is at least partly dead ( through apoptosis) the hole that was left has been filled with fat. 
28th May, the report from the CT of 20th April and the second opinion from the beginning of May, the cancer has spread. Metastasis in the neck, the reason for me not being able to eat or open my mouth is a tumor that has moved through a chewing muscle.The tumor at the base of the tongue has slightly reduced in size. I was told not to have any false hopes of surviving this...Lymph node stage iv. The problem with my jaw is like 'Trismus', just another one of those strange diagnosis that i have.I haven't had solid food since November 2013.
26th June, it seems i have now got the extreme pain attacks in my face under control with cannabis extract oil.Its great that at least a little light shines through at this time...I can also drink a whole glass of water more or less without drowning.
My mouth still doesn't open more than a couple of millimeters and still no solid food.
This is turning out to be pure horror as everything in everyday life evolves around our eating habits, but last weekend i put myself to the ultimate test of walking through a market in Zofingen that has the best Bio (organic) yummy food on the planet. Needless to say i couldn't try anything....i broke down in tears again... 
31st July , i'm still here :-) my speach has got worse , i can only open my mouth 4 mm , i've had 4 physiotherapy meetings so far and there has been some slow improvement in the muscles in the cheeks. Sometimes very painful but i have the oil to combat it...
I went to have an MRI in Bern Insel Hospital and will get the result in a meeting with top doctors...
 6th september 2014.
The results of which stated that the cancer is walling in the A Carotis inter Artery...this is causing Trismus (can only open my mouth 4mm )...on offer chemotherapy / radiation.....NO THANKS!
I have added a high CBD oil to my medicine :-).
28th September 2014 lazy sunday afternoon.....out of nowhere Bleeding attack begins, i run for the sink in the bathroom after tasting something warm and sweet...shit here we go again, stay calm don't panic and call the ambulance, they arrive after 10 mins and i'm rushed off bluelight to hospital. by this time the bleeding has stopped. I was discharged after 4 hours and 3 gramms of blood thickener. I was told by the doctor in emergency that i would die from such an atttack...thanks i don't need that.
After half an hour at home the attacks start again 3 more of them at around 2 hour intervals. The last lasted 45 mins. Lay down and stay quiet is the news from the hospital.

29th Jan 2015.

7 Years survival of cancer cup syndrome without chemotherapy or radiation.

It should be a time of wild celebration, if someone survives 7 years longer than originally forecast by the professors and oncologists.
Maybe i would be goin' nuts if it was easier for me and my closest people (Diana), but this last year has been such a heavy one it kind of makes it hard to be happy with.
I have been pushed to the edge of my existence as a physical being. How much can i take, and when should i call a halt to the suffering. Its not only me in pain, its painful to stand and watch someone you love swim against the flow for so long.
I could handle it all much better if it was just the cancer, but cancer has found a new weapon to put me to the test....Trismus , where the jaw locks closed and the mouth clamps shut so that its impossible to eat, dangerous to swallow and extremely painful right around the face. Its impossible to imagine what goes on inside a person that has been unable to eat real food for more than a year. When i do go out , i have to try to turn off all natural instincts as far as eating when i feel like it goes. eg. on a warm sunny day we were walking through the beautiful town Solothurn hand in hand, a big fat man comes rumbling towards me armed with a big kebab, dripping its fat and onions out both sides as he sank his teeth into it, ripping a huge mouthful out. He was totally in his element, like a shark his eyes wide open lol...Oh how i would love to do that, this lead to me breaking down in tears..
Diana still has to eat , in the beginning i tried to keep the chin up and we attempted to visit one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants, she chose her snacks and i had another mango shake...we both ended up crying and after a few tries it was clearly traumatic for both. Everybody eats from the moment they are born its taken totally for granted until the moment comes when you can't.
Ok this is one side of the coin, the other is communication. I can't talk properly its almost impossible to understand, and extremely tiring for me to repeat things time and time again until the easiest of sentences are taken on board. So no telephone calls , and i hold conversations through Diana as she can get the jist of it most of the time..I can't get angry and argue and its frustrating for me to try and get my point across.
It is obvious that i couldn't continue without support , to have one person by my side is Gods gift to me and for that i am truely thankful. After the first bleeding attacks in 2013 i ran around trying to prepare things for when i die , details that were important to me because i didn't want to leave a mess for others to clean up. At that time i was sent home from hospital to one thought i would still be here another 2 years done the line. In fact how many times must a man arrange his own funeral ? Today i'm not even able to do that. Today Diana is at the Krebsliga (Cancer organisation) to get all of the details as to how what when. How much can i put her through , she is suffering too.
Exit.... i am a member of Exit the organisation that helps you die a humane death in Switzerland. This question is always there, when is the right time for me to die ? If i was my dog or cat i would end their suffering and have done. When is the time to do that honor for myself ? Why drag it out , we are all going to die ? I have now become a real burden on society's  insurance companies, even though i have saved them so much money by refusing chemotherapy and radiation ,or big pharma super tabs.

What is there left to gain from my physical existence?

A deepening of love and experience maybe .

I'm not to old to learn...i've tried to arrange my funeral as simple and cheap as possible, no frills attached...I realized that i totally cut my partner out of the art of a service that i will not physically attend :-) why force my horrible vision on her. So we have decided that she is in charge . 28th Jan a visit to palliative care to go through Patients Permission and the place i would prefer to spend my last physical moments if i can choose.
We have had some support from Krebsliga Solothurn which is really nice.They have taken some weight off of Dianas shoulders and therefore mine too...BIG THANKS ! In future i will be looked after by the Oncology Spitex a small group of mobile carers , part of the Krebsliga organisation . I'm happy about this as they will stand by us during this period and work together in my network with my Doctor at Palliative care in Olten Hospital Switzerland.

So now to my medication.

We have added the Graviola fruit (Amazonas) and  Graviola leaf powder to my medicine.

No matter what is said about cannabis cures cancer ,remember there are no guarantees , no matter what people are tellin' ya.
I have been using cannabis in different forms, RSO, BHO, Hash , flowers or high CBD oil, vaporized or ingested. Until now i haven't been cured of my cancer although i've taken oil for over a year.The various benefits of using cannabis have been against spasms in my tongue, burning tongue , mood stabilizer , relaxant , pain killer .
Although i use painkillers for during the night because of the stable 4 hour cycle so i can get some real sleep.
Using cannabis for medical purposes is absolutely not the same as for recreation roll one lets get stoned....
I have sort of gotten used to being 'out of it' but even i have problems with the eat 1 gram a day programme , its more comfortable for me to vaporize as much oil as i can. This way the oil is completely activated and goes directly into the blood stream and through the brain barrier as far as i understand it. I use various vaporizers , one collects all cannabinoids into a balloon (Volcano) , a very pure way to get the medicine in the form of vapor.
For pain killing when out and about , i've got a smaller portable (DA VINCI Ascent) , that can handle all forms of cannabis .
Oh yeah its ILLEGAL , but i just don't have the time to hang around and wait  while incompetent politicians meddle around with BIG PHARMA lobbyists....

much love to all

Kim Powers.

i haven't had a chance to update my blog with the latsest news.....after more than a year using oil it just didn't seem to get at my cancer enough to cure health went on a downward spiral and i prepared everything for my funeral .....palliative care wanted me on their death list :-).....and no help was offered as my body began to refuse the drinks i have been surviving on.......then came some positive out of the darkness , a natural medicine doctor in germany was getting some good results using curmin (curcuma) amongst B17 and others....the main info is on my FB page.....if you are from USA , treatment with curmin is allowed. I had to travel from Switzerland to Germany to be treated as curmin is illegal here.  More news coming soon :-)

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Altern Med Rev. 2010 Sep;15(3):264-72.

Manipulating tumor acidification as a cancer treatment strategy.


Oasis of Hope Hospital and Whitaker Wellness Institute.


Manipulation of the extracellular and/or intracellular pH of tumors may have considerable potential in cancer therapy. The extracellular space of most tumors is mildly acidic, owing to exuberant production of lactic acid. Aerobic glycolysis - attributable largely to chronic activation of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 (HIF-1) - as well as tumor hypoxia, are chiefly responsible for this phenomenon. Tumor acidity tends to correlate with cancer aggressiveness; in part, this reflects the ability of HIF-1 to promote invasiveness and angiogenesis. But there is growing evidence that extracellular acidity per se boosts the invasiveness and metastatic capacity of cancer cells; moreover, this acidity renders cancer cells relatively resistant to the high proportion of chemotherapeutic drugs that are mildly basic, and may impede immune rejection of tumors. Thus, practical strategies for raising the extracellular pH of tumors may have therapeutic utility. In rodents, oral administration of sodium bicarbonate can raise the extracellular pH of tumors, an effect associated with inhibition of metastasis and improved responsiveness to certain cytotoxic agents; clinical application of this strategy appears feasible. As an alternative approach, drugs that inhibit proton pumps in cancer cells may alleviate extracellular tumor acidity while lowering the intracellular pH of cancer cells; reduction of intracellular pH slows proliferation and promotes apoptosis in various cancer cell lines. Well-tolerated doses of the proton pump inhibitor esomeprazole have markedly impeded tumor growth and prolonged survival in nude mice implanted with a human melanoma. Finally, it may prove feasible to exploit the aerobic glycolysis of cancers in hyperacidification therapies; intense intracellular acidification of cancer cells achieved by induced hyperglycemia, concurrent administration of proton pump inhibitor drugs, and possibly dinitrophenol, may have the potential to kill cancer cells directly, or to potentiate their responsiveness to adjunctive measures. A similar strategy, but without proton pump inhibition, could be employed to maximize extracellular tumor acidity, enabling tumor-selective release of cytotoxic drugs encased in pH-sensitive nanoparticles.

Info about Cup Syndrome and how BIG PHARMA would like to treat you :-)
source :

Carcinoma of unknown primary (CUP) is a rare disease in which malignant (cancer) cells are found in the body but the place the cancer began is not known.

Cancer can form in any tissue of the body. The primary cancer (the cancer that first formed) can spread to other parts of the body. This process is called metastasis. Cancer cells usually look like the cells in the type of tissue in which the cancer began. For example, breast cancer cells may spread to the lung. Because the cancer began in the breast, the cancer cells in the lung look like breast cancer cells.

Sometimes doctors find where the cancer has spread but cannot find where in the body the cancer first began to grow. This type of cancer is called a cancer of unknown primary (CUP) or occult primary tumor.

Tests are done to find where the primary cancer began and to get information about where the cancer has spread. When tests are able to find the primary cancer, the cancer is no longer a CUP and treatment is based on the type of primary cancer.
Sometimes the primary cancer is never found.

The primary cancer (the cancer that first formed) may not be found for one of the following reasons:

  • The primary cancer is very small and grows slowly.
  • The body’s immune system killed the primary cancer.
  • The primary cancer was removed during surgery for another condition and doctors didn’t know cancer had formed. For example, a uterus with cancer may be removed during a hysterectomy to treat a serious infection.
The signs and symptoms of CUP are different, depending on where the cancer has spread in the body.

Signs and symptoms of CUP may include the following:

  • Lump or thickening in any part of the body.
  • Pain that is in one part of the body and does not go away.
  • A cough that does not go away or hoarseness in the voice.
  • Change in bowel or bladder habits, such as constipation, diarrhea, or frequent urination.
  • Unusual bleeding or discharge.
  • Fever for no known reason that does not go away.
  • Night sweats.
  • Weight loss for no known reason or loss of appetite.

Other conditions may cause these same symptoms. Sometimes CUP does not cause any symptoms. Talk to your doctor if you have any of these problems.
Different tests are used to detect (find) cancer.

The following tests and procedures may be used:

  • Physical exam and history : An exam of the body to check general signs of health, including checking for signs of disease, such as lumps or anything else that seems unusual. A history of the patient’s health habits and past illnesses and treatments will also be taken.
  • Urinalysis : A test to check the color of urine and its contents, such as sugar, protein, blood, and bacteria.
  • Blood chemistry studies : A procedure in which a blood sample is checked to measure the amounts of certain substances released into the blood by organs and tissues in the body. An unusual (higher or lower than normal) amount of a substance can be a sign of disease in the organ or tissue that makes it.
  • Complete blood count : A procedure in which a sample of blood is drawn and checked for the following:
  • Fecal occult blood test : A test to check stool (solid waste) for blood that can only be seen with a microscope. Small samples of stool are placed on special cards and returned to the doctor or laboratory for testing. Because some cancers bleed, blood in the stool may be a sign of cancer in the colon or rectum.
If tests show there may be cancer, a biopsy is done.

A biopsy is the removal of cells or tissues so they can be viewed under a microscope by a pathologist. The pathologist views the tissue under a microscope to look for cancer cells and to find out the type of cancer. The type of biopsy that is done depends on the part of the body being tested for cancer. One of the following types of biopsies may be used:

If cancer is found, one or more of the following laboratory tests may be used to study the tissue samples and find out the type of cancer:

  • Histologic study: A laboratory test in which stains are added to a sample of cancer cells or tissue and viewed under a microscope to look for certain changes in the cells. Certain changes in the cells are linked to certain types of cancer.
  • Immunohistochemistry study: A laboratory test in which dyes or enzymes are added to a sample of cancer cells or tissue to test for certain antigens (proteins that stimulate the body's immune response).
  • Reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test: A laboratory test in which cells in a sample of tissue are studied using chemicals to look for certain changes in the genes.
  • Cytogenetic analysis : A laboratory test in which cells in a sample of tissue are viewed under a microscope to look for certain changes in the chromosomes. Changes in certain chromosomes are linked to certain types of cancer.
  • Light and electron microscopy : A laboratory test in which cells in a sample of tissue are viewed under regular and high-powered microscopes to look for certain changes in the cells.
When the type of cancer cells or tissue removed is different from the type of cancer cells expected to be found, a diagnosis of CUP may be made.

The cells in the body have a certain look that depends on the type of tissue they come from. For example, a sample of cancer tissue taken from the breast is expected to be made up of breast cells. However, if the sample of tissue is a different type of cell (not made up of breast cells), it is likely that the cells have spread to the breast from another part of the body. In order to plan treatment, doctors first try to find the primary cancer (the cancer that first formed).
Tests and procedures used to find the primary cancer depend on where the cancer has spread.

In some cases, the part of the body where cancer cells are first found helps the doctor decide which diagnostic tests will be most helpful.

  • When cancer is found above the diaphragm (the thin muscle under the lungs that helps with breathing), the primary cancer site is likely to be in the upper part of the body, such as in the lung or breast.
  • When cancer is found below the diaphragm, the primary cancer site is likely to be in the lower part of the body, such as the pancreas, liver, or other organ in the abdomen.
  • Some cancers commonly spread to certain areas of the body. For cancer found in the lymph nodes in the neck, the primary cancer site is likely to be in the head or neck, because head and neck cancers often spread to the lymph nodes in the neck.

The following tests and procedures may be done to find where the cancer first began:

  • CT scan (CAT scan): A procedure that makes a series of detailed pictures of areas inside the body, such as the chest or abdomen, taken from different angles. The pictures are made by a computer linked to an x-ray machine. A dye may be injected into a vein or swallowed to help the organs or tissues show up more clearly. This procedure is also called computed tomography, computerized tomography, or computerized axial tomography.
  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging): A procedure that uses a magnet, radio waves, and a computer to make a series of detailed pictures of areas inside the body. This procedure is also called nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMRI).
  • PET scan (positron emission tomography scan): A procedure to find malignant tumor cells in the body. A small amount of radioactive glucose (sugar) is injected into a vein. The PET scanner rotates around the body and makes a picture of where glucose is being used in the body. Malignant tumor cells show up brighter in the picture because they are more active and take up more glucose than normal cells do.
  • Mammogram : An x-ray of the breast.
  • Endoscopy : A procedure to look at organs and tissues inside the body to check for abnormal areas. An endoscope is inserted through an incision (cut) in the skin or opening in the body, such as the mouth. An endoscope is a thin, tube-like instrument with a light and a lens for viewing. It may also have a tool to remove tissue or lymph node samples, which are checked under a microscope for signs of disease. For example, a colonoscopy may be done.
  • Tumor marker test : A procedure in which a sample of blood, urine, or tissue is checked to measure the amounts of certain substances made by organs, tissues, or tumor cells in the body. Certain substances are linked to specific types of cancer when found in increased levels in the body. These are called tumor markers. The blood may be checked for the levels of CA-125, CgA, alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), beta human chorionic gonadotropin (β-hCG), or prostate-specific antigen (PSA).

Sometimes, none of the tests can find the primary cancer site. In these cases, treatment may be based on what the doctor thinks is the most likely type of cancer.
Certain factors affect prognosis (chance of recovery).

The prognosis (chance of recovery) depends on the following:

  • Where the cancer began in the body and where it has spread.
  • The number of organs with cancer in them.
  • The way the tumor cells look when viewed under a microscope.
  • Whether the patient is male or female.
  • Whether the cancer has just been diagnosed or has recurred (come back).

For most patients with CUP, current treatments do not cure the cancer. Patients may want to take part in one of the many clinical trials being done to improve treatment. Clinical trials for CUP are taking place in many parts of the country. Information about clinical trials is available from the NCI Web site.

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